The staff was killed by the glass of the boss driving the car body forged car accident fraud

Hwang's behavior also constitutes the crime of insurance fraud
Hubei Yichang a garden company owner Hwang and two employees unloading glass when the accident occurred, the glass will be a staff killed. Afterwards, Hwang driving crushed the remains of the deceased, fake car accident scene, intended to cheat Paul. Reporters from the Three Gorges Dam District Court confirmed that Hwang due to major liability accidents and insurance fraud, was sentenced to 2 years. According to the Three Gorges Dam area police, January 26, 2015 evening, Yichang, a garden company owner Hwang drove the company's lifting truck, and staff Qinmou, Dumou together, a group of giant decorative glass from the high-tech zone Site to the company. 8 o'clock that night, Hwang led two employees unloading glass. This batch of giant plastic laminated glass each weighing 150 kg. Loading and unloading process suddenly accident, 5 glass suddenly dumped, hit Dumou body. Hwang and Tan Mou tried to lift the glass rescue failed. Subsequently, Hwang with a car lifting tools to lift a piece of glass. After all the glass lifted, lying on the ground of Dumou has died. Subsequently, Hwang let Qinmou the scene of the glass broken ball clean, he will Dumou's body moved to the rear of the car, and drove back down, down a short distance, Hwang get off and found that the vehicle has been Pressure to the head of Dumou, then the car a little forward to pull a little, and then began to contact family and friends, said the event. At the same time, Hwang think he did not drive the driver's license to drive the truck, gave the truck driver, the company staff Dongmou call, so he took the driver's license, speed to the company, hope Dongmou to help its "top "Dong Dong refused and left on the spot. Hwang then call the insurance company phone, said he drove a man. Insurance company staff said that such a big accident, need to first report the traffic police. 11 o'clock in the evening, Hwang call 110 alarm. That night, in the police asked, Hwang said that he was driving accidentally killed Dumou. The next day, the police recruited Qin know the situation, Qin really tell the situation that night. Hwang know that can not hide, the truth and the disk out. Afterwards, the garden company to the victim family compensation 830,000 yuan, made the victim family understanding. In the incident that night, received Hwang reported insurance, the insurance company has completed the system automatically file, estimated compensation amount of 23.8 million. Three Gorges Dam District People's Court hearing that Hwang in the operation of others in violation of the relevant safety management regulations, the death of a serious casualties, their behavior has constituted a major responsibility for the crime of crime; Hwang as a legal representative of the company, to pass on to the deceased Compensation, fabricated never occurred in the insurance accident, fraudulent insurance, the circumstances are serious, the company's behavior constitutes an insurance fraud; Hwang's behavior also constitutes the crime of insurance fraud. Hwang a person guilty of several crimes, should be the number of crimes and punishment. As a result of insurance fraud attempts, can reduce the punishment. Hwang can be truthfully confessed to all the facts of the crime, and actively compensate the relatives of the economic losses and obtain understanding, can be a lighter punishment. Finally, the court ruled that: the garden company guilty of insurance fraud, sentenced to fine 50,000 yuan. Hwang committed a major responsibility for the crime, sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, guilty of insurance fraud, sentenced to imprisonment for ten months a year, decided to implement imprisonment for two years.

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