Men in the middle of the road to facilitate the impact of the driver was convicted of compensation 120,000

Ms. Yu and his vehicle insurance company compensation for medical expenses, etc. a total of 15.4 million yuan loss
"The middle of the road" to facilitate the "crash" follow-up "convenient brother" prosecution compensation for the unlucky driver to dig 120,000 early this year, Pujiang Huangzhai police station near the road, there is a middle-aged man drunk squatting in the middle of the road convenient, The result of bare ass was passing the car hit fly. (This newspaper was in January 12, 2015 A6 version of the report) Mr. Zhao was hit, the body multiple fractures, the injury constitutes a nine, a ten disability, spent a total of more than 30,000 yuan Medical fees. A month ago, Mr. Zhao was discharged, and also hit him on the woman to court. According to the traffic police accident certificate, the woman driving motor vehicle driving did not pay attention to safety caused by accidents, the main responsibility for the accident; Mr. Zhao squatting in the middle of the road to prevent road traffic accidents caused by accidents, negative accidents secondary responsibility. Mr. Zhao asked, in the women's and their vehicle insurance company compensation for medical expenses, a total of 15.4 million yuan loss. Among them, disability compensation accounted for the majority. According to the identification, Mr. Zhao still left left hip joint dysfunction caused by left lower limb loss function more than 25% and other disability, according to Jinhua rural residents disability compensation standard 19373 yuan per year 22% calculated 20 years, disability compensation 8.52412 million yuan. Recently, the case has been settled by the Pujiang County People's Court, Mr. Zhao received a total of 12 million losses lost. Among them, the insurance company compensation for his 115,000 yuan, Ms. agreed to compensate him more than 6,000 yuan. Newspaper correspondent Sheng Wanli reporter Lu Yi Zhen

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